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Attics are a valuable part to any home. They provide extra storage space, emergency sleeping areas (when they are kept clean) and can even be rented out to friends and neighbors in a pinch. Attics need to be cared for however, in order to be effective for whatever purpose you want it for. In the winter they will leak cold air into your home and cause your heating bills to rise. In the spring a poorly insulated or ill-cared for roof will leak and then your attic will be home to mold and other detrimental aspects.

Our clients can have their attics restored to optimal condition by having us check them out and see what is wrong with the attic and then suggesting and implementing solutions to those problems. We have years of experience working with attics in varying conditions and helping our customers restore their homes to the best condition possible. We will give your attic the best environment possible to provide the best results you can have for the purposes you intend for your attic to fill.

Insulation is Important in Both Warm and Cold Climates

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Homeowners today are looking to maximize the space they have available, as that can cut out other costs that make life more expensive, and create a stressful life. To increase living space, more and more people are taking advantage of their homes’ large attics. You can expand sleeping areas with a clean attic, or make an area that is safe to play in or store extra articles that you do not need on a regular basis.

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An attic can be a great place to remodel in order to create an extra bedroom, game room, den or home office, or anything else you decide you need, and turn it into. PINK FIBERGLAS® Insulation from Owens Corning can help keep a finished attic comfortable year 'round. It will cut down on heating and cooling costs, and help make your home a more comfortable place to live.

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