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Indiana Siding

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on Apr 02, 2013
in Indiana

Siding | Indiana

As with every other part of your house, the siding needs to be attractive and functional, and our products satisfy both of those needs. We select only the best materials and offer you the widest variety available – each choice adding to the aesthetic and energy value of your home.

Our insulated vinyl siding cuts down on the amount of maintenance that you are going to have do yourself, or pay someone else to do. Giving you more time and money to focus on the things you really want to be thinking about.

Siding also works to keep cooling and heating costs down, and is designed to be highly energy efficient. Our 16’ 9” panels have 33% less seams than other siding and they have been tested to withstand category 5 hurricanes making it great for Indiana weather.

We use the latest technology to insure that your house is protected as best as possible, and there are a number of choices available that will enhance not only the look of your house but how energy efficient it is too. It will make a great impression on anyone coming to your home, and you know it is saving you money as well. What more could you ask for?


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The Valley of Sides

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on Apr 02, 2013
in Valparaiso

Siding | Valparaiso, In

Valparaiso Indiana SidingVaparaiso is conveniently located near everything I could possibly want in the Midwest except for good weather. The spring storms this year ripped off all the paint on my house, and I decided I wanted something longer lasting.  I looked around at different housing contractors to see who specialized in siding repairs, and that is how I found Premier Window Systems.  It took one consultation with a technician who inspected the siding of my home for me to determine that this was the company I was going to use for my siding repairs.

Siding That Will Last

Premier Windows came to me to help me determine what type of siding would suit me best and the coating I would need to get my satisfaction too.  I'm happy with them and my new siding.  The contractor who came out was super helpful in giving me the best options and the breakdown of costs between them, so I could make the best choice for my budget.  I am now not just a one and first time customer.  I will be using them for all the home  improvements they can do for me.

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Scherry and Sides

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on Apr 02, 2013
in Schererville

Siding | Schererville, In

Schererville Indiana SidingSchererville is usually a nice town to live in, although the spring and summer storms, as well as winter weather can be a huge pain.  The houses that we live in here, despite being nice and comfortable and having everything we could need, are prone to damage in the Indiana weather.  Many states in the country do not have such wildly fluctuating weather systems like we do, which is why the siding of our homes needs to be treated differently and better than in some area.

Custom Siding Installation

I like to maintain the appearance and comfort of my home, which is why when this past winter's storms finally ceased I had to have new siding installed on my home.  The edges were coming off and they were losing their appeal as well.  Premier Windows came out and treated my home with such emergency that I was thoroughly impressed.  I have been given a guarantee that the siding they installed will last at least a decade with no problems, although they did inform me that they can come out for routine maintenance if I want to be careful, and I think I will take advantage of that.

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